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the abantu tribe
"the initiation"

The Abantu Tribe "The Initiation" is the most exclusive collection in The Abantu Tribe ecosystem.

  •  This is the most exclusive form of whitelist for the "The Abantu Tribe"  mint which will take place in Q2 2023.

  •  Holders of "The Initiation" will be able to mint 4 NFT's in phase 1 and 4 NFT's in phase 2 per map from the "The Abantu Tribe" mint.

  •  Initiation Holders will receive a 20% discount on the "The Abantu Tribe" WL mint.

  •  Early access to The Hut (Discord).

  •  Exclusive giveaways and a private channel in "The Hut" will be available to holders. Here, they will have access to exclusive content and opportunities not available to the general public.

  •  CSWAP & $C4 staking rewards

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