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The CSWAP NFTfi platform offers a unique and innovative way for Cardano NFT (CNFT) holders to utilize their assets. Unlike traditional DEXs, they recognize NFTs as tokens in their own right, and aim to provide a groundbreaking experience for their users. Through their advanced automated lending technology and AMM, they enable CNFT holders to leverage their assets in ways that have never been possible before.


The Abantu Tribe, have made a strategic partnership with CSWAP. Through this collaboration, we aim to enhance the value proposition for our community by enabling them to stake certain assets of ours and earn $CSWAP rewards.


We believe that CSWAP's innovative protocol and strong community support will drive its token's value in the future, making it a valuable asset for our holders. By offering them the opportunity to earn $CSWAP through staking our assets, we aim to provide additional value within our community. We are thrilled to partner with CSWAP and look forward to working together to drive growth and success for both our communities.

bankcoin ada

One of the objectives of The Abantu Tribe is to forge strategic partnerships and foster collaborations with like-minded individuals in the web 3 space who are builders and possess strong and vibrant communities. In light of this, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Bank Coin. We are genuinely impressed by the founders' vision and the remarkable community they have cultivated. We firmly believe that this long-term partnership will bring immense benefits to both our communities. By joining forces with Bank Coin, we aim to leverage our shared values and expertise to create a formidable alliance. Together, we will explore innovative opportunities, and unlock new avenues for growth and prosperity within the web 3 ecosystem.

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